Section 8 Dropout


Attributes: Intelligence 2, Wits 3, Resolve 2, Strength 2, Dexterity 2, Stamina 3, Presence 2, Manipulation 1, Composure 3

Skills: Computer 1, Crafts (Demolitions) 3, Medicine 1, Politics 1, Science 1, Athletics 2, Brawl 2, Drive 1, Firearms (Rifles) 3, Survival 1, Weaponry 2, Intimidation (Threats) 3, Streetwise 1

Merits: Combat Marksmanship 3, EOD 4, Grappling 2

Other Traits: Health 8, Willpower 5, Morality 5, Size 5, Speed 10, Defense 3, Initiative Mod 6


Growing up in small town America left you with no prospects for better life than your parents so you enlisted in the Army straight out of high-school. It didn’t take long for you to realize that was mistake. Sure learning about marksmanship, hand to hand combat, and how to blow shit up was fun, but you were never good at taking orders.

Things came to a head during your last tour in the sand box: your CO had been riding you for weeks, purposely giving you all shit assignments. One night while pulling the late watch some Hajji sniper took a shot at you that grazed your arm. While you were being patched up your CO said that it was ‘Too bad Hajjies can’t aim for shit’. That was enough. Five minutes and a crushed orbital socket later you found yourself on fast track to a Section 8.

Work of any kind was hard to come by after leaving the service. The private military companies wouldn’t touch you, and security scut work wasn’t for you. There was really only one way for to make use of your skill set that didn’t involve working for some other asshole. Now you are your own boss, selling muscle and mayhem to whomever can pay.

Section 8 Dropout

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