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Ghost Stories is a collection of tales focused on what happens when humanity makes contact with things that hide in the shadows of the world. Rather than a long campaign with an ongoing storyline the focus will be on individual stories. Each of these stories will feature new characters and will examine how they react to encountering the supernatural.

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Transmitted: UNFM Command, Belt Sector HQ
Destination: Commanding Officer, UNSS Roanoke
Date: Wed, 24 Dec 2042 09:19:05 EGMT
Author: Captain Andries Brink
Ref: Possible Homicide


To the commanding officer of the UNFM patrol frigate Roanoke,

Approximately twelve hours ago Belt Sector HQ received a request for assistance from Ivan Volkov, Security Chief of the Cheiron Group space station Psychopomp. The dead body of one Dr. Cassandra Russell, Station Director, was found within her private laboratory. Station Security processed the crime scene, but only transmitted their initial findings (report attached). Psychopomp Security has failed to submit any further data, and attempts to contact the station have not received any response.

You are ordered to proceed to space station Psychopomp and assess the situation, as well as investigate the possible homicide of Dr. Cassandra Russell.

Good hunting,
Captain Andries Brink, Commanding Officer, Belt Sector HQ

+++++END MESSAGE+++++

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